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"The best fertilizer for

our plants are the tracks

of our boots." 


Agroindustria Ocoeña S.A.

Agroindustria Ocoeña, S.A. is a family-owned company that was born in 1982 as a subsidiary of Antonio Castillo C x A - a grain importer and trader, founded in 1968 by the Castillo Pimentel family.

Carlos A. Castillo Pimentel, Founder


This project was developed in the Dominican Republic with the advisory of Dr. H. Donovan Brown, Ph.D, who at the time was advising Mr. Oscar de la Renta on a citrus project,  Agricultural Expert Ing. Hipólito Mejía (Former President of Dominican Republic) and Dr. Gregory Partida, Ph.D expert in agricultural sciences. With their advice, AIOSA® begins the development of the first avocado production and export project for international markets.


The project begins in the province of San José de Ocoa, the birthplace of the Castillo Pimentel brothers, given its excellent climatic and ideal soil conditions for the production of avocados. 


Currently, San José de Ocoa is the province with the highest avocado production in the Dominican Republic.


In 1986, Carlos A. Castillo Pimentel continues with the development of our project focusing on the Green Skin avocado varieties.


Our plantation in San José de Ocoa was our pilot project, with approximately 770 acres of planted avocado trees. Over the years we have expanded outside of San José de Ocoa and into Altamira, Puerto Plata, Paraíso, Barahona and Villa Altagracia, San Cristobal, becoming the largest avocado producers in the country.


AIOSA® began its avocado exports in 1987 under its OCOA® Avocados brand to USA and Puerto Rico, creating a great acceptance and demand of our products. Over time, our brand, both by sea and by air, reached the markets of USA (Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, among others), Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, French Guiana, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, among others. We are currently continuing our expansion project into new markets.


AIOSA® not only produces and commercializes avocados, but also other agricultural products such as dried coconuts, bell peppers, cubanela peppers, cachucha peppers, cherry tomatoes, salad tomatoes, bugalú tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yautía, among others.

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