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In the U.S., you can find our avocados at supermarkets such as: Publix, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, Key Foods, and Walmart. In Dominican Republic, you can find them at DBL Market, The Butcher Shop and Nello’s Carnes Selectas.

AIOSA® not only produces and commercializes avocados, but also other agricultural products such as dried coconuts, bell peppers, cubanela peppers, cachucha peppers, cherry tomatoes, salad tomatoes, bugalú tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yautía, among others

3. What other agricultural produce do you grow?

4. What is the shelf life of your avocados?

Because of the Hydrocooling process that our avocados go through in our packaging center, when our product gets to the PDV it will have a 1 week shelf life. This does not include the time in transit in refrigerated containers. 

We do not sell Hass avocados. We dedicate ourselves to the growing and commercializing of the Green Skin Avocado. 

We currently harvest Bernecker, Carla, Dr. Dupuis, Hall,Monroe, Lula, Popenoe, Semil 34 and Simmonds.

2. What countries sell your products?

United States, Puerto Rico, Holland, Spain, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, French Guiana, Poland, United Kingdom, among others.

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